Meeting & Events

Are you looking for a meeting or event location that meets all your needs? Hotel Den Helder is the right place for you.

We understand that proper preparation and execution are extremely important for your successful meeting or event.

With 2 rooms separated by a mobile wall, Hotel Den Helder offers a range of options for both business and festive gatherings.

One room is approx. 120 m2 and has two spacious passageways to our beautiful conservatory. The other room is slightly smaller, approximately 80 m2, but has its own bar. When the mobile wall is removed, one large hall is created.

All our rooms offer daylight and can be arranged in any desired arrangement. We have a professional (mobile) sound system, beamer, screen and flipchart, which can of course be rented.

Festive events

We also have our inner garden of approximately 1200 m2.

It goes without saying that it is extremely suitable for very large events. We make every party special. By extensively discussing your wishes, we make every party personal. So that you can fully enjoy your party.

Furthermore, in the courtyard is an old English double-decker, converted into a bar and there is a complete sound system.


Would you like to receive a quote without obligation? You can indicate your wishes in the request form, after which we will prepare a quote for you or if you want to know more about the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

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