Bowling Hotel Den Helder

We have 12 Brunswick bowlinglanes with GS-X bowlingmachines and computer

A hour bowling with a snack is possible, but we have also different packages with bowling. For example kidsparty, bbq or gourmet.

Only on Saturdayevening Discobowling from 19.00 - 24.00 hours !!

Lights out, blacklight and discolights on! All the pins will have a different colour. An fantastic experience.



Sunday till Friday                              € 21,00
Saturday                                             € 21,00
Saturdayevening Disco bowlen*   € 24,00

The prices are per lane per hour

*Disco-bowling only on Saturdayevening from 19.00 - 24.00 hour


Hotel Den Helder
Marsdiepstraat 2
1784 AP Den Helder
Tel.  0223-622333
Fax. 0223-624271
receptie @ hoteldenhelder.nl