Den Helder is at three sides bordered by water. At the westcoast by the Northsea, the eastcoast leads towards the Waddenzee and in the North the Marsdiep streams between Den Helder and the Isle of Texel. From our harbours ships sails out into all directions. Ships from the Royal Dutch Navy, the fishingfleet, the merchant navy and private yachts are the colourful population of the harbours.
At the westcoast a picturesque landscape of dunes is situated between a lovely clean beach and a varied landscape with small houses, polders, agriculture fields (bulbs) and nature conservation territories.
Two main roads connect Den Helder with e.g. Amsterdam. Within 15 minutes Den Helder Airport can be reached.

Highlights of the town are the Watertower, the towncentre and the lighthouse "Lange Jaap" on the West coast near the village of Huisduinen.

The Kroonpassage is the main section of a large shopping arcade. For a good film the cinema Utopolis also justifies a visit.

The town of Den Helder, known as the home port of the Royal Dutch Navy, is exceptionally proud that it has the Naval Museum, of great interest for all ages. Den Helder is also well know for navigation air/sea rescue and offshoreservices. Another special local attraction is the K?the Kruse Dolls Museum.

Fort Kijkduin takes you with a guided tour into the past when the French emperor Napoleon´s garrison occupied this Dutch fortress. `Fort Kijkduin` gives one an insight of the life and the events that has happpened at this historical site. This is a renovated Forth with a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the fortification and its surroundings. More recently added attractions are the Northsea aquarium and a whale exposition.

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